Yes, Protests Matter. Even Now.

Fear is contagious. So is bravery. At the end of the day, simple participation in any action that pushes back at the fear-infused environment nurtured by this Presidency is a rejection of that fear. And it is crucially important that we do so at every opportunity, because we are surrounded by frightening things. Increases in hate crimes, rejection of climate change, and the potential for nuclear escalation are just the beginning. And the massive surveillance state this administration inherits is an undeniable reminder that we are all subject to investigation, now. More importantly than any one political issue, we must refuse to be silenced, and through our actions help remind others that they, too, can be brave and find their voice. Every single protest, whether a march or a letter, pushes back at the fear-based foundation of the current Republican establishment and creates an obstacle to their agenda.

Whether your form of protest is marching in Washington D.C., or writing letters to your Congressmen, or knitting, never doubt that you are making a difference. Every act of defiance, every argument, every piece of art, every donation matters, if only in refusing to accept and refusing to stop fighting back.

We’ll never know how much worse it could have been if we all just hid in a corner and hoped it would go away. We’ll never know what it could have been like if this administration’s vision for America came into full fruition. We’ll never know what it would be like to give in to fear, accept defeat, and go home. We will never know any of these things, because they’re never going to happen.