Elevenish Ways To Kill A Peep

So, it’s Easter/Ostara/Spring Equinox/whateveryoucallit, and as usual the stores are full of symbolic representations of our gratitude for new life. Pastels, chocolate eggs, and the persistent Peeps. Yes, the gooey marshmallow “treats” which line up in their neat little rows behind their cellophane windows to peer blankly out into the world through their vacant eyes. They practically beg to be abused, with their conformist attitudes, insubstantial nature, and misprinted features. And, inspired by this effort, my family and I decided to accommodate their blatantly masochistic inclinations. Thus, the afternoon before Easter, we invested $2 in two packs of the “bunny” variety of Peeps, and proceeded to destroy them in the most creative ways we could imagine. What follows is a record of our efforts.

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Sunday Trivia: Polydactyly


As I am leaving town for a week tomorrow morning, but still have some time on my hands today, I wanted to post something which folks might find entertaining, but was unlikely to result in a flurry of argument which would need my attention. Therefore, I am writing what people always write in moments like these: trivia.

Do you know about polydactyl cats? I didn’t, until my son realized that the kitten we were planning on adopting had “mittens” for feet. Sure enough…the cat has thumbs. All the females in the litter did, as well as the Mom. Intrigued (and more than a little overwhelmed by how cute it is), I set out to do some research. Continue reading