RE: Divorce Agreement

I just received a forwarded email (copied in the first comment) from a representative of Conservative America, offering terms of settlement for divorce.  As it came to me, I reckon I am a fit delegate to respond to the offer.  My response is as follows: Continue reading

It’s Not The Media

Over the past six years, there has been a gathering swell of complaint from conservative America. Every wrong-headed notion held by the liberals stems from one source, it would seem: the liberal media.

The War in Iraq was going just fine until the media convinced people not to support it. The dissolution of traditional values is a clear result of the brainwashing efforts of the media. The media, apparently, loves the terrorists, hates our freedom, and wants the United States to dissolve into a bog of one night stands and rampant drug abuse.

Unfortunately for those who wish for such simple cause and effect solutions, it’s not the media which is making Americans more liberal. It is the steadily more liberal beliefs of Americans which are influencing the media.

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