The Way of Books: An Interview With Brendan Sherar, CEO of Biblio

Seven years later, the company has managed to carve a solid niche for itself in the field and continues to grow and thrive from its base in Asheville, North Carolina. I contacted Biblio’s CEO, Brendan Sherar, for an interview, hoping to get a little insight both into how this tiny company has managed to become so successful, and into the tales of impressive charity endeavours I had heard of Biblio undertaking. Along the way, I felt compelled to pick his brain for his thoughts about the future of books in general, how visiting Bolivia had changed his life, and what kind of reading a Book Lord of his magnitude would recommend to others.

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A Question of Reality

We think we know what reality is. Our lives are filled with work, sex, and food that we consider to be real. The processes within your mind, where you categorize the input of your senses and turn it into recognizable patterns, you also consider real. For most of human history, reality has been a fairly easy to define thing: reality is the world around us that we can see and touch and smell and taste. But the boundaries of reality are shifting. With the ever-expanding world we are creating in the spaces between our computer screens, we suddenly find ourselves in the position of questioning what is more “real”: the things we can feel with our hands, or the things we feel with our hearts? Continue reading