Letter To A Friend Who Is Not Voting

Over lunch, you told me that you were not planning to vote next Tuesday. The slight smile on your face told me that you knew what our reaction to this would be, that you knew there would be a stunned silence followed by a barrage of expostulation and argument. You knew, and you were prepared for it. You had your reasons straight, and I found I couldn’t argue with you then. I am, however, prepared to argue with you now.

We were talking about our Congressional candidates, and you said that you could not with good conscience support either of them. Honestly, neither can I. The constant influx of negative campaigning would have been enough by itself, but when I sat down last night to actually review their politics in detail, I confess that I almost drank myself into a coma. They are both pro-life, they are both pro-war, the differences between them boil down to a few inconsequentialities and my sense of a new hatred struggling with one which has stood for eight years.

You said, “Who are you going to pick to be your Leader? Who’s gonna be your Daddy?” and the anarchist spirit in me sat up and started asking how far down the river I had sold my soul just to try to reach something a little better than what we have, and whether it was worth it. Why am I so proudly insisting that it is every American’s duty to march into that booth on Tuesday and mark a choice for a person to lead the nation whom they would never choose to lead a Boy Scout fundraiser? Continue reading

How Does One Form A More Perfect Union?

I haven’t written a letter to any politician in at least two months. Honestly, I have trouble even replying to emails, these days. I keep trying to write articles that offer up some new perspective on the events that surround us all…but they become garbled messes on my computer screen, and eventually I consign them to the “recycle” bin, where they undoubtedly belong. I gaze at the eye-aching white of my screen, and wish the heaviness in my heart would go away.

I can’t get over the feeling that everything is already out there. Everything has been said before, argued before, offered up in some form or another before. I can’t get past the fact that the facts seem so clear, so indisputable, and yet somehow they are not being recognized by enough people to make a difference. Without a galvanizing force, the indignation of a few becomes a dull murmur and in the end, the world does indeed end not with a bang, but with a whimper.

This is the state of the union as I see it:

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