Open Letter To Senator Richard Burr

Dear Mr. Senator,

I recently wrote to you to express my concern about the NSA program of warrantless wiretapping. I presented you with specific and reasonable arguments as to why this was an unjustified and unnecessary invasion of the privacy of American citizens.

I found your pre-carved response to me unsatisfying, Mr. Senator. I listed examples from FISA regulations, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I explained in great detail why I felt that this program was illegal, as well as immoral. I asked for your consideration of my concerns when you returned to Congress to confront the weakened position in which you, like all U.S. Congressmen, find yourself in this current epoch of our government’s development.

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Illegal Surveillance Boons

I am confused about the recent furor over the President’s wire-tapping program. Yes, the program may be illegal, according to the FISA guidelines which were written in 1978. But everyone knows a document written that long ago is archaic to the point of uselessness. Just look at the Constitution! Yes, the attorney general has been unable to give us assurance that innocent Americans were not spied upon using this program…but after all, if you’ve nothing to hide, why should you mind if the govenment is listening in on your private conversations? This may reduce income to overseas phone-sex businesses…but think of the boon to the internet! And after all, technology is the future. And we all care about the future.

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