I Hate Babies


This article is satire.  That means (in case you can’t be bothered to click the link) that it’s not meant to be read literally.  It’s a comment on many aspects of our culture, but actually has nothing to do with my beliefs about babies.  Which means that if you comment based solely upon the title, without reading the article or thinking about its content, you will simply look like a fool.  As exemplified by most of the previous comments.  Here’s hoping someone out there can be bothered to actually read seven lines of text before blathering.  If you do, you will have restored my faith in humanity.  Thanks.

***END NOTE***

I was reading over one of the terribly predictable unbelievably repetitive many debates about the “moral basis” for and against abortion today, when it suddenly hit me: I suppose I should blame society for making me feel it is not OK for a woman to hate babies. But once I had my epiphany, I have to say everything fell into place, and my position (thus far so terribly hard to justify) was suddenly crystal clear.

Let’s consider this rationally. Babies are not people. If they were people they would have some special clause in the Constitution defending their rights. But they don’t, and so clearly our forefathers recognized their non-people status. Realistically, if we granted babies people status, we would be on a slippery slope to a point where we grant other things “people” rights. Things such as homosexuals, goats, and even cockroaches. It’s a horrifying prospect. We must avoid that future at all costs.

Let’s face it, babies are annoying, snivelling, needy little blobs who contribute nothing whatsoever to our society. They just take and take. Do we cater to any other group in America the way we cater to babies? Hell, no, and here’s why: we believe in hard work and earning your keep in America. No one gets a free ride. That’s what makes us great — everyone earns their place in our society, and you can tell who has worked the hardest by the size of their bank accounts. Do babies have bank accounts? Nope. Their worth therefore is likewise zero.

Babies also have an annoying habit of not recognizing the social mores of our culture. They ogle teats openly (not only their mother’s, mind you, but any boob which gets within their limited range of vision), they have a fascination with their own bodies which borders on the obscene (and they don’t hesitate to reveal this to strangers), they even play with their own excrement and drool on others. Are these the kind of creatures we want to call “people”? Would we tolerate this from any other source? I think not.

Now, I know there will be some who claim that we need to protect and aid those in our society who are less fortunate that we are, those who enter here without understanding our customs or our language. To you I say they should have learned our language before they came here, and it’s not my fucking job to support those who are too lazy, or too unskilled, to support themself. I work hard for my money, and I have spent years in a dedicated pursuit of fuller comprehension of the myriad complex grammatical rules and spellings of the American language. Why should some weepy little half-wit be able to come in and receive coddling and catering that I, myself, do not receive? Clearly, they shouldn’t.

What’s more, if you chart the course of these slobbering salamanders over the course of their development, many of them never transform into anything better! Visit your local nursing home, and what do you find? Aisles and aisles of “old” people (all of whom used to be babies, by the way), and what are they doing? Drooling all over themselves and being spoonfed…just like babies! Yep, they go from useless burden on society to useless burden on society just like that. Why were we so adamant about protecting the unborn, again?

Some might argue that the inherent “value” in babies is that in-between stage, where they have developed past babyhood and before they get locked in a nursing home. Firstly, I would like to point out that you are gambling, there, on a future which may never exist. Five out of every one thousand newborns born in the United States die each year, making us second highest in the world in newborn death rates. Clearly, I am not the only one who hates babies. What’s more, even supposing these slovenly sacks of spit make it through to adulthood, there is no guarantee whatsoever that they will contribute anything useful to society. Approximately 26.2% of Americans have a diagnosable mental disorder each year. That’s over a quarter of us. 31,484 Americans killed themselves in 2004. Why? Because for whatever reason they didn’t want to be here, anymore. So life is a precious gift, is it? Not for everyone. Maybe we should stop kidding ourselves. Just because we can legally force a woman to deliver a baby does not guarantee that either she, or the child, will value its life so highly.

What’s more, even if they make it through their middle years without succumbing to suicide or mind-numbing paranoia, that does not equate to them being a person I actually want to talk to. I meet people every day who are effectively nothing more than big babies in grown-up clothing. “Feed me,” they say. “Let me suck your tits,” they say. I will be the first to admit that I often wonder if there is a God, and whether it has noticed the mass quantities of completely useless lifeforms swarming the planet. Can we get another flood down here, already?!

So, yeah, I support abortions because I hate babies. I think there are far, far too many of them. I suppose it might be all right to let a few of them live, provided their mother is willing to sponsor their worthless existence until such time as they manage to bring in a decent income. I mean, if they turn out to be psychopaths it’s her fault, anyway, so she should be willing to take responsibility from the start. If a woman is not willing to sign a contract obligating herself to indefinite servitude and blame, then she should have every right to ditch the appointment. After all, if I told you that you were morally obligated to wipe the drool, clean the ass, and accept the responsibility for any mistakes of a stranger…would you accept it?

42 thoughts on “I Hate Babies

  1. This wasn’t really a satire, was it? Because I feel the same way. I hate babies, and sometimes feel like kicking them as I see the little arses walking down the street. But I don’t, of course.

    I know that I probably need to talk to someone about this, but at least it is good to hear that there are others like me out there. If not you, then others.

  2. I never really liked babies myself. They are very, very annoying! I also wish parents didn’t have to bring them on airplanes.

  3. Your article is absolutely obscene, how can you expect a creature of such immaturity to behave as an adult. I have had similar thoughts at times, but realistically you are being a little pathetic in your accusations. Nature/God or whatever you want to call it functions in this way, how can knowledge, maturity, ability to do anything come instantly from nothing; do you expect children to be born with Harvard degrees; they start as 46 chromosomes and a cell; when was the last time you expected your kitchen sink to know how to socialize? Think about it; for your own interest, please don’t ever reproduce.

  4. I actually love babies, and I can’t believe that someone would post a website stating that they hate babies!

  5. Ain’t nothing like folks who can miss both a “satire” category and a note on the accompanying illustration.

    I really hate explaining myself…but here we go:
    I wrote this article some time ago to point out the idiocy of many of the arguments being used as the basis for discrimination in this country. If you actually read it, you will see what I am talking about.

    My real opinion on babies (since people seem to care about these things) is that I refuse to discriminate against them by assuming they are all alike. Everyone who loves them so much should probably stop and consider that saying you “love” all babies is rather like saying you “love” all food.

    And if you think I just implied that babies are food, I can’t believe you actually managed to complete the math question in order to comment.

  6. I hate babies too. I am in Australia but we share the same values as you. There is a baby next door to me, it sleeps 24-7. I can’t do shit, not basketball, no soccer, not even any swimming. there are too many, and I’m supposed to think they are cute, and accept the feared “Do you want to hold him?”. Pathetic.

  7. I detest babies, they’re repulsive and obnoxious in my opinion. And anyway, how many of them actually grow up to be competent and likable people?

  8. Really, I do not hate babies, I love them very much… And have been ever dreaming of having my own kids.. To pamper them and brought them up in the best way possible.
    But NOW I HATE BABIES, because I couldnt get one regretfully. I thought of hating babies and even the idea of getting one so that I do not feel like crippled or underpriviliged. I searched the google and thought I will sure find someone like me and here you are

  9. yes. i am from manila, philippines…don’t know why, why, why… i am a single mother… i didn’t like taking care much of my own child, but learned to love my own son. to the newborn of my sister, i hate hate hate her baby daughter, always crying. i hate hate hate them crying, gives me the impulse to hurt them or throw them somewhere. turns me to be like an immature adult or a kid who is looking for the off button in the baby somewhere cause im sick and tired of it, also hate it more when i feel obligated taking care of something out of my responsibility. actually i feel something maybe wrong with me. i though this website will help me out to get out of this psych but i found people who hates them as well. eh! maybe we have some issues from our childhood to hate babies? we are different! some people would even adopt or concieve painstakingly because having a baby is a need for others, while to some would just give birth easily anywhere and sell or throw them somewhere, those people should meet, give and take, and they’d be happy people. i’d like to say more but i think the bottomline is just i hate them and i somehow agree to celes, since i don’t like taking care of them, i wish i shoudn’t because they are just coercing me to be bad

  10. Babies are what they are; it’s the baby-parents that tend to rub me the wrong way. I just find it all a little sickening at times.

  11. You’re right. I HATE BABIES!!! My boyriends sister is prego with a baby girl… and I’m just oblagated to punch her in the stomach before that “thing” comes out.. I don’t wanna see that baby, hear it, nothing. If she ever leaves it alone with me I’m bound to kill it.

  12. Never heard so many crap.
    I also don’t like babies, but these reasons are completely fallacious and stupid that not even I, as an anti-baby, could agree with the very least.

  13. I hate babies too. I came across this page because I was looking for a psychological explanation for this instant digust/panic/hatred I feel as soon as I see one. I do like kids when they can talk though. I especially love little girls. I assume this is just as irrational as my terror of cockroaches. I wonder if I can be cured.

  14. ive hated babies all my life.. i even hate the people who want them.babies ruin your life,your figure and your mind.i cant even have a normal sexual relationship with my boyfriend because i am so scared of getting pregnant.. if i did i would abort the little bastards. have a nice day 🙂

  15. yea i personally hate babies. im only 14 almoest 15 and whenever i see one i feel like i wana kill it. my mom is/was planning to have another kid but im tottaly againsed it and angry she would even think about bringing one of those brats into out house!my aunt is having a baby soon and we thought she went into labor last night and my only thought was oh my god not another one! she already has 3 kids and this is gunna be number 4 (for all of you who cant do basic math). i dont agree with the people who have more than one kid and dont get an abortion for every one after the first one. the worlds overpopulated as it is and we dont need all those little brats flying on our airplanes and getting all the attention thinking they should have ”rights”…a fetus to a newborn has more rights then all my cats which ironicly my cats probrobly have a higher IQ score and could be more useful for SOMTHING other than babies. when people are born you expect to all have equel rights.so why should kids even as yong as me have to take care of them cause someones condom broke and mommie dosent want you to get an abortion? and dont EVER and i mean EVER! say to me ”well arent you glad your mom diddnt abort you” or even better ”you where a baby once”. at this point in time i have mixed feelings about my birth and yong childhood but all the same i still think abortion is nesseciarry if you have an accidental pregnetcy or more than one kid.and YES i know i was a baby at one time but im an only child and thats completely fine in my book.
    ever notice secioty is based on infants to kids about 6 or 7? babies and kids can hit us but we cant hit them.why cant babies watch an R rated movie or porn? its how they where made dumbasses…LET THEM SEE!why should we cater to smoeone who probrobly wont ammount to anything? okay so we have to whipe there asses and call them cute cause secioty will frown on us if we dont? well…guess what? FUCK THEM! AND FUCK SECIOTY!(yes i know im spelling it wrong). i honestly i thought i had somthing wrong with me up until now…but nope..im just diffrent. my mom said to my a long time ago we diddnt like babies cause we diddnt wana fuck em. well then why do girls my age love em so much? LIES!
    but lets not give the babies all the credit. ohh hevins no! lets focus more on the parents kiddys! now i know what your thinking. ohh but parenting brings ”responceability”(yes i know i spellled it wrong..get over it). responcibility my skinny white ass. your the one who diddnt take the pill…or wear the condom cause you know it feels better…or got drunk and fucked someone at the party waking up to take a test finding out your pregnet and your mom telling you you cant get an abortion casue its ”wrong”.
    im tired of all the bastard parents who think there baby is an accecery.for instane my cousin just had a baby a couple of months ago(which im not againsed casue its her first child)but decides to get its ears pearced! the people told her they wouldnt do it but she finally found someone who would. prepare for permenate earing holes! not that babies should have rights to anything at all but the fact of the matter is if its the good baby(good being there firts born child) then why scar it and make force it to do somthing it dosent have any say in?
    i love babies! both fried and aborted.
    what makes me the maddest though is the parents who have 5 or 6 kids when there are starving kids in other countries dieing but here ohh noooo little hunter diddnt get his xbox 360 elite with halo 3 OMFG! that kid can stuf it and be grateful hell even be having dinner that night.i know im getting on kids 2-8 but i also have a deep hatred for any child 8 and under…they should all be keped until that age then released into secioty with minimal finacal support so they MUST get a job to pay for school,home,food and bills to be a functioning member of sceioty.but that all will be fixed when i rule the world >:].
    for secioty…if you have more then one kid…get an abortion…or get your tubes tied.but for kids…wear two condoms AND take the pill.

  16. Ah poo! So now we are immature for saying we ‘hate’ babies? I am so sorry to burst your feeble little bubble, but if you come to a website and post to other people that they are IMMATURE for posting a ‘irrational sentiment’, you are not only overreacting, but also being very illogical. You can’t call someone immature for bringing up their general feelings. A feeling is always irrational! I don’t see you calling the people that post the LOVE the little fuckers IMMATURE… So why doesn’t your clever little theory work the other way round? Shame on all those people that say they LOVE babies! We should all be levelheaded and rational about our opinion on babies!

    Okay, let’s be rational for a moment, shall we?

    1. When the baby’s first born, it is bald, red and it’s eyes are completely shut. It looks like a skinned rabbit. Patches of fat, blood and tissue are still overing its body.

    2. All a baby can do is cry, poop and eat. It’s fat and makes unpleasing noises, often waking you in the middle of the night, deriving you from your sleep.

    3. A baby can be very demanding when it grows older. It has no regard or empathy for anything but itself and will cry, fuss and whine over anything… And everything.

    4. A baby will often drool, play with its own poop, wet you while sitting on your lap, pee after you change their diaper (little boys pee you in the face) and scream and cry even when they are well fed, not sleepy and not sick.

    5. A baby is always sticky, smelly and dirty. It has absolutely no idea of hygiene. Children generally don’t develop their hygienic skills until they are 6 years of age. Untill that age, they eat with their hands after scratching their butthole and plucking their nose, wet their panties and eat old food from the floor.

    As you can see, there are absolutely no rational arguments for disliking babies. We should all shun the evil, immature childhating people out there and tell them they need to ‘accept’ nature just the way it is. By the way- cancer, influenza and genetically selected killer bees are also part of nature. I guess we shouldn’t have a irrational opinion, based on emotions about them either. Only an overreacting fool would get treatment or gas insects. No, nature should go its way!

    Well, with all due respect, but I’d say nature is in need of an upgrade. Baby’s are outmodelled and outdated. I suggest we try raising babies in birth capsules and leave them their until they are 2 year old children.

    Honestly, I think humans could do without the maggot phaze.

  17. I don’t hate babies. There are times that I’m not fond of them. I can put up w/ them to a certain extent. I’ll admit that they can be nasty and at times they can be quite annoying, however, despite that I’d love to be a father someday. I’d like to be able to nurture a child. I’m not going to lie. Before you kill me, let me say that like yall(I’m from Louisiana so please excuse me), I find it most annoying when I’m at a restuarant trying to enjoy a nice meal and there is a baby WAILING the entire two hours. Oh and especially when they have to galls to sit RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! UGGGGHHHH I NEED DRUGS!!!!!!! Also I can’t stand when I’m in Joe Muggs trying to study or enjoy a latte and a 3 yr old throws a fucking tantrum over a straw. However, I get JUST as annoyed when I see little 13 yr olds running and laughing at the top of their lungs in the coffeeshop. Plus I realize that not all of them operate the same, some are more quiter than others are(and thank god for that!) However, I can hold one to a degree, and I even enjoy my little cousins(some who are babies). However, I do appreciate them more when they are elementary aged(or even pre-school aged) B/c ppl go there to relax and unwind. Leave your outside voices outside!

    I need to call Neko_Jake out. The idea that everyone should only have one child is absolutely useless b/c that’s not even realistic. There are areas here in the south(where I live) where ppl still have to work the farm and for that you do need alot of kids. So large famalies are rather common in many areas here. If you want to be in a country that only allows for one child per parent then you should go to China. Some have large famalies for religious reasons, some for cultural reasons, and economic reasons(e.g. working a farm). Some do it just b/c they like the idea of a large family. They grew up in one and they may want the same or they DIDNT and they would like it. Not everyone w/ the status as an only child enjoyed it and that’s why some of them may have large famalies. I hope you don’t take this as an insult but you just sound bitter and miserable. Your emo vibe just scares the hell out of me.

    Yes, babies smell, piss, shit, drool. However they be cleaned up(and several times at that LOL), and can be rather decent to be around. For some they can bring joy. They are human beigns and they need love and care as well. Now I’m not saying that you have to do it, but seriously, instead of griping, why not just not have kids. W/ all the birth control methods we have today if you have an unwanted baby it’s nobodys fault but your own(unless it’s a case of rape, that’s my only exception). Problem solved. I mean I’m not particularly fond of dogs(well I love little puppies but once they get bigger they are mean as hell). They piss and shit[on carpets, floors, your yard, other ppls yard), they lick themselves, they eat off the floor, they roll in dirt, they slobber, they fart every damn where, the bark all through the night getting you out of your sleep. Lets not forget having to haul your ass outside in 40 degree weather to give them their kibbles and bits and bowl of water. They can be pretty nasty as well. Hell I’ve met adults who have no sense of hygeine either so, that argument does not do much for me.

    You arent obligated to like babies, but could you atleast respect those that do want them, by belittling them you are just as bad as the extremists that want everyone to be a parent.

    I wonder how many responses I’ll get to this one.

  18. Despite my complaint about dogs in my recent post, I still don’t hate them nor do I see them as fuckers. The profanity is excessive and just not needed. to see a baby as a “fucker” is kind of harsh.

  19. Babies are the most useless forms of life existing. They take everything, and give nothing. Besides leaching off of society for around 3 years, they take away a previously productive member of society (mother/father). Unborn rights are pathetic. I think it’s terrible that an unborn leach has more rights than a dog. 3 Reasons to get a dog, and NOT have a baby (could think of more, but don’t want to rant):

    1. Dogs only take 6 months to become rather independent. Babies take 3+ years to be able to learn to FEED themselves and use the bathroom on their own.

    2. Ever have your life saved by a baby? No, didn’t think so. Has anyone? I doubt it. Have people been saved by dogs? Many times. A baby won’t scare off an animal 5x its size and risk its life to save you. A dog will.

    3. Dogs sleep through the night. I was only ever woken 3 times by my 4 1/2 year old dog through the night. And all 3 times, he was a puppy. Babies never sleep through the night.

  20. They may take all and not give a thing back(well not physically) but for some they can provide much joy, especially if they are already down or unhappy. It’s only a passing stage so it’s not soooo bad.

  21. hhhmmmmm………I think you should have been one of those babies that died before becoming an adult….or should I say animal?

  22. Me??? Whoa, easy there….had you actually read my posts, You’d see that I did not ENTIRELY disagree nor was it my intent to attack anyone. I just gave a balanced stance.

  23. And Jake(Nekos) your behavior is not much better than the group of people that you hate so much. If you act like you type(b/c your post looks like something that a first grader would have typed), then how can you hate anyone younger than you b/c you don’t act very mature for a 15 yr old.

  24. All babies and children should be shot, regardless of their IQ or parents. All animals should have more rights than a clump of cells(Foetus).

    Then atleast 1/3 of the human population should be steralised, the rest kept in instituions for breeding (meerely to keep the human population alive) , released only if they are of too old an age to breed or if they are critically ill. Anyone ‘desperate’ for a child can ‘adopt’ one as long as they live away from the outside world ie in a special home for people wanting to be parents of children removed from the breeding institute. All children will have to either live in the breeding intitute, only one being allowed to be kept by the ‘parent’ or cell donor. Or the adoption home. The children will be realised to the rest of the world at 18 years of age (They would have been steralised and taught to the highest grade, including college)

    I would preferably want all humans to die so that animals will be free and the earth free of the mass amount of pollution given of by human activities etc.

  25. I never wanted children, because I chose not to be emotionally responsible for raising a child. I do
    love babies, and those who expect them and want them are to be commended since they obviously
    want a family. I think those who don’t like babies or children should not plan to have them as
    a baby should be wanted and loved. I would never abuse or hurt a baby or a child, and was treated
    wonderfully by my own parents. But I have seen people with children fight over money, barely
    making ends meet, fighting over the children, and making their and their kid’s lives miserable.
    That was one reason I chose to not have children. I prefer a pet instead, they are easier on the
    nerves and better for me. Some of you have said some horrible things about babies, and it is
    apparent that you don’t want any either which is your right.

  26. I hate babies, they are so stupid, they are horrible little self indulgent meatbags. I agree Matt they are the most useless forms of life existing. I just hate them, you cant talk to them or really do much with them at all.

    Whats worse is when parents do try to talk to them, they behave in such an embarrassing way Babies are just drooling babbling brainless idiots. They are expensive too. You have to watch them like a hawk. Im so glad I don’t have any, phew.

  27. I have always hated babies, they are so disgusting.
    We are killing ourselves with overpopulation, a woman should be able to have an abortion when ever and where ever she wants, they should be encouraging abortions. The survival of babies is unnatural thanks to medical advances and this why global warming is happening, too many humans = too many cars.

    I also hate the fact that females are supposed to be “good” with children, its an extremely sexist and untrue statement.

    I hope to sterilize myself soon, for I know one day mother nature’s programming will give me maternal instinct, I want to stop that from happening, and never have a disgusting maggot eating my money.
    Plus I will be hurting the world by having a child, the world cant cope with the overpopulation already.

  28. I hate babies too, but then we gotta admit it. We ALL were those little annoying sacks of fat at one point. And so were your parents, grandparents, etc.

    But I think that of all the living species in the world, humans have the most uselss offspring ever.

  29. I can’t explain the satisfaction i gain from venting my hate of babies. Realistically, they are nothing more than cumpiles. Society places such a mark on congratulating women who have become pregnant and what I would love to do is walk up to the man and woman and say “congratulations, you had an orgasm”, or “would you like a pat on the back because you had sex?” It should be way harder to make kids. The worst part about it all is when you meet someone who is divorced and has kids. Then, you have an ex-wife who can’t uderstand why you hate kids, especially theirs. It’s such a short shot and such a permanent obligation. Sometimes I hate my boyfriend for ever having kids. He should have been wiser to little miss first wife

  30. I like babies, newborns especially but I did not want children, and I did not want the responsibility
    of raising children. If you want children fine, if not that is your option. No one should have to
    be around children if they don’t like them or don’t want to be. Let other people deal with their
    child problems. If you don’t have any then you don’t have to worry. If a lady is pregnant she is
    obviously wanting to start a family and is happy to be pregnant (I guess) to do so. It is like getting
    married, you can get married if you want or not. Have kids or not. Remain single and do what you
    really want to with your life and be happy. I have done the same thing.

  31. K. I hate some babies. I am the oldest out of all my cousins and i am 17. I have other reasons for hating some of them. For one people over exagerate their “cuteness” ya when I was young I was cute to my grandpa. He loved me and used to have things to do with me but, as soon as another baby came along I “the oldest” was tossed to the side and forgotten about. And my dad used to love me like nothing else he never favored my sister, brother or me. Well my sister got prego and now when we have any family outtings together like SixFlags for instance, I would ask him to come ride a ride with me like he would before the little nussances were born, and would he come with me for just one? Hell no! He said he would rather take the 2 little brats and go to kiddie land with them the whole time. And I know what your thinking. “Your dad is probably old and tired now days.” No he is only 46 now and that happened like 3 yrs ago. Secondly since I am the oldest cousin on my moms side and a girl at that, everyone just assumes that I am a free family baby sitter, so do I get any time to myself to hang out with friends and go do all the fun things a teenager does? Hell No! I was supposed to go to California with some friends for the summer and have fun. I didnt go because I had to, of corse baby sit. Stop sticking all your stupid incompitent brats with me! I started baby sitting for money for one aunt and got paid 80 a week for it since I did it from 3pm – 12am and I was 12 at the time and what am I doing now living with another aunt so I can baby sit from 1 – 8 and its too late to do anything by then and I dont get paid for it since I now live with them. I cant have anything good either they never leave anything alone. They tore up my xbox, wrote on all my senior order stuff, never leave the computer alone always take off with my cell phone broke my bed and I got in trouble for it. Im tired of it. I am baby sitting right now. A two yr old boy with whick I have almost no problems with and never really have and a one yr old girl that cant leave shit alone or just stands there and stares at you when you tell them to do something like the simple command “Stop” and starts whinning any time you give any attention what so ever to anyone but her. Just this morning she woke up at 3 and woke everyone else up. I dont give a flying fuck that she is teething she never starts crying until you look at her and tell her not to do something or to get out of something, and as soon as you get mad about it, here comes mommy or someone else saying “shes just teething you have to be patient with her” NO I DONT SHE WASNT CRYING ABOUT THAT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!” Then they never want to leave you alone like she just stands there and stares at me when Im doing nothing and its irritating as fuck. Then they want to eat the food on your plate instead of eatting the same shit but on their plates and cry when you dont let them. Every day I start the day being nice to her because she hasnt pissed me off yet but as soon as momma leaves she immediatly starts screaming and there is no reason for it and sure Ill tolerate it because maybe she misses mommy. I used to miss mine when I was little, so ya… Then when she gets into shit Ill take it from her and softly tell her no-no…with a smile and she gets this look as if shes about to cry and Ill say its okay and try to get her to play and she starts to scream so I have lost all of my patience with her I have come to the conclusion I hate the stupid little nussance. And when it comes to change her diaper she wants to start sticking her hand in her shit, and kick and roll and put her feen in her shit. So after I put her to bed and wait til she wakes up again and Ill start over being annoyed. I love the little boy 2 yr olds arent so bad you just have to be a little stern with them even if they are spoiled you can get them to obey and be good with out losing your temper or yelling all the time. Babies are smarter than they let on its why people spoil them so much they cry to let you know they are hungry or need a change or anything when they are born. They learn this is a technique to get what they want when they start to get a little older. They know what you mean when you say “NO” its why they cry when you do. They think they will get their way since its what they did as an infant. Dont let them fool you into thinking they are totally stupid. They also know when they are doing something wrong. How do I know? I observe, thats how. The little girl always plays with the dvds and movies in the living room when your not looking but as soon as she notices you, she will stand up and run to another part of the room and stare at you to see what you will do next. So dont give me that shit that they dont know any better even at just 1 yr old. I know more than a lot of mothers I have been baby sitting since I was 12 and not only little cousins other peoples kids too. From newborn to now 13 yr olds and I know all the tricks in the book. I know enough to write my own book. And Im sure everyone can agree with this next thing. “Babies are cute until they piss you off”. Anyway thats what I gotta say about that now give me a good reason as to why I shouldnt hate babies…Its not wrong, or immoral if you got a good reason.

    Jacqueline “Baby Hater!”

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